About me

The artist behind The Color Flow

My name is Ana and I am The Color Flow 🙂

I started my art journey by creating watercolor paintings and art prints. I love watercolor for its playfulness, unpredictability and fresh spirit. More recently, I also got interested in digital art and creating more abstract pieces using blocks of color and line art.

I love being surrounded by beautiful art and decorative items. Always looking around for trends that catch my eye, what plays within me and what I feel like creating. In my mind, I am never still, that’s why I always create art fitting different aesthetics. My flow of ideas is like Pinterest home page – you can scroll infinitely 🙂

As a result you can encounter here a mix of watercolor prints of fruit or plan illustrations, mixed with more peaceful and simple compositions inspired by mid-modern century art, Matisse or Picasso. 

My creative process

I like creating both, on paper and digitally. I use watercolours and gouache paints, but I also create pieces using vector software and Procreate. When I get some time in the future, I also would love to explore 3D art creation. As you can see, many plans and ideas!

This richness of ideas is mirrored here, on my website. You can find art prints in my shop and blog posts covering a wide variety of art styles, DIY projects and materials. As I also enjoy consuming art, I offer a selection of art prints from artist such as V. van Gogh and vintage book illustrations. I hope you will enjoy my small online corner!

The shop on this website is directly connected with my Etsy shop. On Etsy you can find me as TheColorFlow.

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